Want Increase This Year? You Need to Know This

Part Two

March 9th, 2018

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God knows exactly when and how. Sometimes that means He shows up at the midnight hour, or what might seem like the last second, so the enemy can’t bring interference and hold things up.

Think of it like a really great spy movie. That’s how God does things. He moves behind the scenes with people that might not look like the “right” people. (Like me—the poster child for debt.) But God delights in using people like me. Or people like David.

Read 1 Samuel 17 and you can clearly see that David’s victory against Goliath was accomplished by using an unusual strategy—a plan that caught the enemy off guard.

David showed up at camp to bring his brothers lunch and saw Goliath ranting and raving. Saul offered David his armor, but David wouldn’t take it. He ran out to the battle line with only his staff and his sling. Yep, the Bible actually says he ran toward Goliath. Goliath was caught off guard. The tactic worked and David killed him.

An unarmored David and his slingshot were part of God’s unique strategy. David running toward Goliath was God’s timing.

You have to understand these vital laws of spiritual warfare.

Because so often, we get an idea from God and we procrastinate; we lose valuable time; or we tip off the enemy with our big mouths. Then, by the time we move on it, we run into all kinds of issues and problems because the enemy has had time to line up interference against it.

It isn’t just the unusual strategy that makes you successful; it’s the timing.

So, two of your key weapons against the enemy in any area of your life are:

  1. Use a unique strategy that the Holy Spirit gives you.
  2. Act quickly once the plan is revealed to you.

Get the strategy and act quickly so you don’t give Satan the chance to figure it out.

When I was in severe debt, I was the poster child of what not to do with money.

When Drenda and I made a commitment to the Kingdom and began to gain knowledge of how it worked, we didn’t suddenly have more money. I still needed to create or capture money from the earth realm.

Because God doesn’t have any money. But He does know where the money is and can give you a plan to capture it. In my case, He gave me a dream one night about starting a company that would help people get out of debt. He gave me that plan while I still had plenty of debt of my own to pay off. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense—me helping people get out of debt—but God was using the foolish to confound the wise. He was using a unique strategy.

When God uses the foolish, it also confounds the enemy, who isn’t anticipating that strategy. The devil never had a clue that I would someday be out of debt and declaring the good news of the Kingdom in the area of money. Neither did I. But as we followed God and let God show us how to proceed, it worked!

To win in life, you need a plan, a unique path to run on, a niche that God will give you to own and occupy as your own. At first, the plan probably won’t make sense. Like me, you may have never thought of doing what God shows you to do. That’s the point; the devil has never thought of it either.

There's so much more I want to share with you about this—more about the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and how they’re relevant to YOU, paying your bills, providing for your family, ministering in the marketplace, and living in your God-designed destiny.

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